Pepper's Pack Membership

Today: Wed, Dec 11, 2019
Current Year: 2019
Next Year: 2020
Current Month: 12
Quarter: 4
Next Quarter: 1
Next Charge Quarter: 1
Next Charge Quarter Date: Wed, Jan 01, 2020
Next in Seconds: 1814400
Today in Seconds: 1576051200
Charge Delay: 21 days
New Member Offer! 
Get $25 to spend at Lazy Dog included with an Annual membership* 
- OR -
Get $10 to spend at Lazy Dog included with a Quarterly membership*


Join now and pick up your first Play Pack at your local Lazy Dog today. Member benefits start the day you sign up!

Members Get:

  • Quarterly Play Packs: each includes various toys + treats
  • $2 Dog Meals at any Lazy Dog Restaurant**
  • Surprise + delights
  • Exclusive access to merch

Quarterly Play Packs will be released in Nov., Feb., May, and Aug.

Save $25 when you join for a year! 

Pepper’s Pack is available at participating locations. Click here to see the list of available locations.

*$25 promotional card included with the purchase of an annual membership and $10 included with the purchase of a quarterly membership. Promotion available online or in restaurant from 11/12-12/31/19. Valid on regular and gift memberships. Promotional cards valid between 1/1/20-3/15/20. Promotional cards will be emailed in 5-7 days from

** Available for dine in or take out. Limit 2 per visit. 

Specific products may vary based on availability. Treat bag ingredients can be found in the FAQs

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