New Member Offer! Get $25 to spend at Lazy Dog when you join for a year or $10 for a quarter!*

Beer Club Membership

Today: Sun, Sep 15, 2019
Current Year: 2019
Next Year: 2020
Current Month: 9
Quarter: 3
Next Quarter: 4
Next Charge Quarter: 4
Next Charge Quarter Date: Tue, Oct 01, 2019
Next in Seconds: 1569913200
Today in Seconds: 1568530800
Charge Delay: 16 days

Here’s the rundown of some of the benefits included in a LD Beer Club Membership (which start the moment you join):

LDBC Members Get:
• First Kit that you can take home, or pick up right when you join - cheers, welcome to the club!
• Quarterly Themed Kits: 8 bottles/cans of hard to find craft beer + rad small batch merch [see releases]
• Draft Beer Upgrades**
• Priority Access to Underground Releases [see releases]
• And more!

Save $25 when you join for a full year!

In 2019, Beer Kits will release in Jan, April, July and Oct.

Click here to find your closest Lazy Dog Restaurant.

*$10 or $25 promotional card will be emailed 5-7 days after purchase and can be redeemed for purchases of food and non-alcoholic beverages through 12/15/2019 at any Lazy Dog Restaurant. May not be redeemed for cash or used for gratuity. 

**Not applicable on select high ABV beers + cannot be combined with Happy Hour.

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