Play Pack No. 1

June 27, 2019

Play Pack No. 1

What's included in your first Play Pack:

Hairstream Trailer Toy
Nature is calling, your dog needs to go outside. Say goodbye to the 9-to-5, head out on the highway, and show your dog the world in style. Tents are for amateurs. Packed with fluff and a squeaker!

Rowdy Ruckus Rucksack
Packing light? Where’s the fun in that? Bring everything and then some. You never know when you’ll need the kitchen squeak. Jumbo squeaker and crazy crinkle included. Great for hiding treats.

 Beowoof's Roasted Boar Treats
Made with scrumptious real chicken and real wild boar this protein-packed snack is full of essential vitamins and nutrients. Wild boar is a lean, low-cholesterol protein, with a drool-worthy flavor!

 Loki's Smoky Lamb & Salmon Treats
Delicious lamb is the first ingredient of Loki’s Smoky Lamb & Salmon, in an all-natural recipe that also includes flaxseed and salmon, which are full of omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat health. 

Grain-free and all-natural. This duck & mango chew with turmeric is sure to keep your dog begging for more!


 Specific products may vary based on availability.


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